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      China's Fresh Graduates Face Bleak Job Prospects

      Unemployment among young Chinese remains stagnant at twice the national rate.

      by Joshua Cawthorpe, 18 March 2021

      How Shared Bikes are Being Reused in the PRC

      While the bike share craze has settled down now, it's hard to ignore what happened with all those two-wheelers.

      by Barnaby Lofton, 18 March 2021

      Getting a China-produced Vaccine May Help Your Visa Application

      Visa rules for citizens of some countries will be eased on condition that applicants take China-produced vaccines.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, 17 March 2021

      Spotlight: Belle Zhang, Founder of The Megaformer Lab

      A high-intensity, low-impact workout loved by Hollywood celebs.

      by Phoebe Kut, 17 March 2021

      Beijing or Bladerunner? China's Sandstorm as Seen By Netizens

      As the worst sandstorm in 10 years swept across the capital, netizens posted their best snaps of the apocalyptic scenes.

      by Alistair Baker-Brian, 16 March 2021

      Another Western App Bites the Dust in China?

      Signal, an encrypted messaging app, is currently down in China and only available via a virtual private network (VPN).

      by That's, 16 March 2021

      That's Calling for Editorial Freelancers

      Our platforms cover a variety of topics in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou and Greater China.

      by That's, 16 March 2021

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