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      Another Western App Bites the Dust in China?

      Signal, an encrypted messaging app, is currently down in China and only available via a virtual private network (VPN).

      by That's, 16 March 2021

      That's Calling for Editorial Freelancers

      Our platforms cover a variety of topics in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou and Greater China.

      by That's, 16 March 2021

      New 'China Untold' Episode Introduces an Ancient Chinese Cult

      If you are from the West, the word 'cult' likely brings about thoughts of spiked Kool-Aid and aliens. But how much do you know about Chinese cults?

      by That's, 08 March 2021

      This Day in History: 'Learn from Lei Feng Day' Campaign Begins

      On March 5, 1963, Chairman Mao initiated the 'Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng' propaganda campaign.

      by That's, 05 March 2021

      Now Japan is Bummed Out Over China’s Anal COVID-19 Tests

      It seems like anal swabs are here to stay.

      by That's, 02 March 2021

      Catfished in China? Odd Online Dating Stories Shared on 'Date Night China'

      Date Night China podcast discusses new relationships and navigating past the 'honeymoon' period in China.

      by That's, 02 March 2021

      That's Magazines - March 2021 Issues Out Now!

      The March issues of That's are out now, in both paper-and-ink form citywide and digital PDF form.

      by That's, 02 March 2021

      Chinese Migrants, Lost Mines & Ghost Towns on New 'China Untold' Episode

      Chinese people were significant players in the rise and fall of resource towns in western Canada in the 1800s and 1900s.

      by That's, 01 March 2021

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