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      Chinese Migrants, Lost Mines & Ghost Towns on New 'China Untold' Episode

      By That's, March 1, 2021

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      The 14th episode of China Untold is now available to download or stream online.

      Parts of the North American continent are littered with ghost towns, abandoned settlements left to weather and decay and be reclaimed by nature. The western United States and Canada enjoy a notable abundance of such forgotten settlements, thanks mainly to the boom-and-bust cycle of resource towns in the 19th and 20th centuries.

      You are probably wondering what abandoned pioneering and mining towns in western North America have to do with China. It’s a fair question – although the answer may surprise you: It turns out Chinese people share a long and complicated history with many of North America’s ghost towns, a history that stretches right up to the present day.

      From Quesnel Forks to Barkerville in British Columbia, Chinese people were significant players in the rise and fall of resource towns in western Canada in the 1800s and 1900s. 

      In this episode of the China Untold podcast, host Matt Bossons introduces the role Chinese migrants played in the early development of BC. He’ll recount stories of lost mines, ghost towns, racist attitudes and more!

      Download or stream the 14th episode of China Untold on SoundCloud (VPN needed) or at chinauntoldpodcast.com. The episode is also available on iTunes and other popular podcast directories.

      For more information on China Untold, visit the podcast’s official website.

      The China Untold podcast is a program that aims to introduce listeners to lesser-known stories from the Middle Kingdom. From urban legends and extinct religions to the PRC’s role in the global quest to discover extraterrestrial civilizations, this podcast is your essential guide to the weird, wonderful and mysterious aspects of the world’s most populous nation.

      [Cover image via Wikimedia]

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